Personal Abstract

I'm a doctoral student at UC San Diego

My advisors are Robert Malinow (Center for Neural Circuits) and Stephan Anagnostaras (Molecular Cognition Lab). I'm primarily interested in the molecular and neural network dynamics that underlie learning and memory, and study these processes using a mixture of neurobiological, computational modeling, and programming tools.

Primary Skillsets

  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Imaging Microscopy & Image Processing
  • Scientific Programming
  • Statistics & Analytical Methods
  • Molecular Biology
  • Startup Company CTO Experience

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Brad's Wiki

External Memory
Brad's Wiki is a collection of projects and information about stuff I like.

Currently, I'm examining the membrane diffusion of neurotransmitter receptors and modeling how these particles swarm and potentiate synapses.

To simulate filament scaffolding in a dendritic model, I developed a stochastic 3D model of actin dynamics based on parameters from previously established in steady-state models.

Many forms of adaptive behavior engender lasting physiological changes in the brain; reciprocally, neural plasticity among the brain’s synaptic connections provides the capacity for learning and memory.

This project aims to provide annotated sets of molecular pathways involved in neural plasticity underlying learning and memory systems.

Recent Blog Posts


Making whole genome and whole exome sequencing data files really, really, ridiculously smaller. Recently I’ve been doing some genomics work, using whole genome sequencing (WGS) and whole exome sequencing (WES) data...


Self Illusion

Someone recently posted this on reddit… Tonight, I discovered that I am afraid of death. Never, before tonight, had I been truly afraid of it. Of course, it’s not a fun thing to think of, but I don’t know, it never really hit me as something to fear.


Hacking KORG

Demo on how to hack a KORG drum pad. the KORG padKONTROL midi studio controller can be used as a versatile multipurpose input device. It has 16 velocity-sensitive (pressure-sensitive) tap pads, two twist knobs, an X-Y modulation touch pad, and various other features.


Professional Plots

Out of the box, Matlab is a powerful tool with many great built-in features. Suffice to say, however, their default 2D plots leave a lot to be desired. While meat-and-potatoes graphs are fine on most days, when it comes time to publish...


Are We Alone?

Every so often, after too many cocktails, someone asks the question – “Do you think there are aliens out there in the cosmos?” My answer is always the same… “Probably not. At least not the kind of lifeform we could ever fathom in our wildest dreams.”


Lost Server 54

It’s Novell machine boss.. one of our most reliable servers. We’ve lost it. What do you mean ‘lost it’? Well, literally. It responds to ping. It’s completely functional – great up-time like I mentioned. We just can’t figure out where it is. It is the kind of tale any ITT/BOFH can dine-out on.


Latest Graph

From the structural plasticity project...

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