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Neural Informatics Tools
Link Description
Allen Brain Atlas API Allen Institute's annotated reference atlases have SVG files that contain structural boundaries.
VCell Most useful cell modeling tool I've seen so far.
BioNetGen A web-based tool for automatically generating a biochemical reaction networks from user-specified rules for biomolecular interactions.
B10NUMB3R5 (BIONUMBERS) A database of useful biological numbers.
BioInformatics Services BioInformatics Services is a biotechnology consulting firm specializing in using computational biology to solve complex biological and data analysis problems.
cellmigrationgateway modeling software
CellML The CellML language is an open standard based on the XML markup language at the University of Auckland and affiliated research groups.
CompCell Bio Web Development site for teaching modules on quantitative cell biology.
DOQCS Quantitative Cellular Signaling (DOQCS) is a repository of models of signaling pathways.
E-Cell A Multi-Algorithm, Multi-Timescale Simulation Software Environment.
Gfit A program for global regression analysis of experimental data.
Kitware Professional Visualization Solutions, Tools and Support.
MCell General Monte Carlo Simulator of Cellular Microphysiology.
Minimotif Miner Application to search for short sequence motifs in Proteins.

Bioinformatics Tools