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Hello everyone,

As you may have heard, my tenure as Graduate Advisor is about to end. It has been rewarding working with you and seeing you grow, professionally and personally, since you joined the program. Your success is the best return on my advising investment and I have been rewarded richly. I look forward to seeing those of you who are about to join the program follow in the footsteps of your successful peers.

I am leaving you with good news. Each of you who has requested an assistantship for 2010/2011 will get one at a TA level that carries a stipend of $12,128 per year and health benefits. This was made possible by our Department Chair Dr. Matt’s hard work on behalf of the Master’s program. I am certain that you will justify this increase in support for the master’s students with your excellent performance in the classroom and in the laboratory.

Another good news is that in the future, you will have not one but two Graduate Advisors. Dr. Jennifer Thomas and Dr. Mark Ehrhart will succeed me in the Advising Office as Master’s Program Co-Advisors. You could not have asked for more able, knowledgeable, and dedicated professors to guide you. Their official start date is July 1. Given that I will be leaving June 9, please contact Ms. Maureen Crawford or Ms. Kendrea Hilend for any assistance you may need in the interregnum. I will continue serving you in my new capacity as Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

I wish you all the best in completing your studies and beyond. You are and always will be “my people.”