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Zac Email

Hi Guys, Here are the different labeling techniques that might be applicable with recombinant expression of AMPARs. Roughly ranked from most to least likely to succeed, separated by large vs small AMPAR N-terminal additions. The references in parentheses are for background on the technique.

Large AMPAR N-terminal addition
  • Halotag (Promega): AMPAR-enzyme, QD-Halotag substrate
  • AMPAR-streptavidin, QD-biotin
Small AMPAR N-terminal addition
  • AMPAR-biotin ligase recognition peptide, QD-biotin + biotin ligase (LuTing2013PLOSONE)
  • AMPAR-peptide A, QD-peptide B, which binds peptide A (ZhangKodadek2000NatBiotech)
  • AMPAR-unnatural amino acid azide, QD-propargyl (ChaterjeeSchultz2013PNAS)

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