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Progressive Insurance Auto Theft Claim


Started talking with Erick Salas about getting a car from the auctions.
We agreed that he would help me to purchase a car and get it fixed if I gave him my 1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT.
(1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT; Illinois License Plate Number: 399 4580)


Erick gave me a Counterman User ID and Password for COPART, which presumably belonged to a friend of Erick named Morfin Chavez.


Morfin Chavez (S.A. DE C.V.), helped us purchased a Silver 2004 Audi A4 from COPART


I purchased headlight for the Audi

Cost - $182.46


I purchased an intercooler for the Audi from eBay [#220274891375]

$250.00 (approximate total cost)
Cost - $500.00


Visited mechanic in Chula Vista. Almost done with the car. Mechanic gave me back the intercooler installation manual which has his fingerprints all over it. The prints are very clear and in black engine oil.


Audi was fixed and returned to me. It was in great condition, and ran very well. Apart from driving it to work daily I went on several notable longer distance trips. These are given to illustrate the working condition of the car and provide specific incidences where passengers rode in the Audi with me. Details below.


Drove Audi to Long Beach on November 15th, 2008 to catch a flight from LAX to DCA.


Drove Audi from San Diego to Northridge and Van Nuys, CA on January 16th 2009.

  • Passengers - Steve Trader, Austin Wicht, and Justin Didier
  • Witness - Ben Bailey, car was parked outside of his apartment during a camping trip to Sequoia National Forrest.


Drove Audi to Long Beach on March 18th, 2009 to catch a flight from LAX to SJO, Costa Rica.

  • Passenger - Denise Schutte, former roommate, rode in the Audi with me from San Diego to Long Beach.
  • Witnesses, Nicholas Newkirt, US Coast Guard Officer
  • Flight confirmation LAX to SJO


Around this time car started having electrical problems (again?), so went back to Erick.


Audi fixed. Sent email to my boss telling her I needed to get off work to pick up the Audi. Get there...Audi not fixed. And actually they hadn't even worked on it. Erick just wanted me to go down there with him to see if they were working on it. After being reassured that it was the next one on their list, I leave it with the mechanics to repair.


Email inquiring about 1984 Jaguar for sale on Craigslist to Jezebelle Gerardie


Purchased 1984 Jaguar

Police Report

Police Report Filed: July 30, 2010

My Information: Name: Bradley R. Monk

Around two years ago my neighbor helped me purchase an Audi from a car auction for $7700. He took the car to his mechanic for repairs and after some minor body work and a new intercooler everything seemed to be working fine. But after about 2 months, it started having some electrical problems. So he took it back down to his mechanics. It’s been at his mechanic for a while now, so I asked him to get it back so I could just take it to the dealer. He said he had to take it to Tijuana for repairs, at which point I told him to bring it back to me immediately, he never had permission to do this. Two weeks ago I just told him I would contact the police if he did not return the car. Since then, he has not answered his phone, responded to email, or text message, and has been completely absent from contact. I’m pretty sure he just stole it. I just reported the incident to my insurance company.

I can provide a list of receipts, photos, and email correspondences if necessary.

Person who took the car: Erick Yukas Last Known Residence: 4376 West Point Loma Blvd (Mariners Cove), San Diego, CA 92107 Last Known Phone: 6198292043 Email Address:

Car information: Silver 2004 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro (picture of the car below)

Information from the title:

Vehicle ID Number: WAULC68E34A011305

Equipment Number: 1319916

Certificate Number: V61071408JP

History Number: 13199168

Plate Number: 5EPJ221

List of Witnesses

Steve Trader
Tyler Didier
Ben Bailey
Jason Wagner
Denise Schutte
Sam Magsoodloo
Blanca Chiu
Nick Newkirk
Ross Monk
Jodi Monk
Justin Didier
Jamie Ramierez
Jennifer Thomas
Vanessa Willey
Jeremy Biane
Austin Wicht
Chad Ross

File:3audi copart.png
File:4audi copart.png
File:5audi copart.png
File:6audi copart.png
File:7audi mechanic.JPG
File:8audi mechanic.JPG
File:9audi fixed.JPG
File:10audi fixed.JPG
File:11audi fixed.JPG
File:Bank Statement1.jpg
File:Erick Yukas Wife Kids.JPG
File:Jaguar Bill of Sale.jpg
File:Jaguar Duff DMV.jpg
File:Jaguar Duff DMV2.jpg
File:Jaguar key.jpg
File:Jaguar keys.jpg
File:Salvage Title1.png
File:Salvage Title2.png
File:Salvage Title3.png
File:Salvage Title4.png
File:Audi manual.JPG
File:Copart bos1.JPG
File:Copart bos2.JPG
File:Copart bos3.JPG
File:Copart bos4.JPG
File:Intercooler fingerprints.jpg
File:Intercooler manual.jpg