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I have a question regarding the new file type handling.  The web page says:   To comply with how Snow Leopard handles old properties such as "Type" and "Creator", we had to introduce extensions and proper file definitions for PsyScope X scripts, data files, projects and log files. Thus, the first time you run it, the program will ask you to convert the PsyScope old scripts into the new types. If you do it, the files remain text files that can be opened and modified with a text application, but the old versions of the program will not be able to open the new files unless you save them as plain text files with a text editor (such as BBedit). If you don't like this, blame Apple.

I've been manually remembering to switch line endings between Unix and Mac formats (CR <---> LF) and also using SetInfo (part of the Xcode package) to set the type to "TEXT". If I'm switching between old and new PsyScope (and my Linux boxes) will the same procedure take care of everything?  Or is there some deeper magic involved?