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Yesterday was a very special day here at Patagonia.  The founder Yvon Chouinard came to visit our distribution warehouse here in Reno NV.  This is also where the customer service department is that I work at.  He toured and met all of us and spoke about himself, his vision and told a few good stories.  His vision was not one of everyone saving the planet, he actually considers himself a 'happy pessimist', but of showing a little environmental initiative in our own backyard.  He had no set speech planned so this sorta led into telling stories of fighting bears in Yosemite and having an 'in your face' approach to causes you believe in. I must admit we were all laughing until our faces turned red, but man'oh'man is he inspirational.

...and then of course this led into Yvon and fly fishing...I think he finds a way to bring this into everything he does:) ...and this leading to the pictures attached.  I got a hands on lesson from Yvon on how to cast a fly rod, something which I never thought I would do...along with all the other things I do here in the mountains like skiing and snowshoeing and paddle boarding and I could go on..:)

So this is the short of it, just thought I would share in my wonderful day here at work in Reno NV...again, things I never thought I would say:)