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Receptor Protein Tags

  • fluorescent proteins
  • superecliptic phluorin (SEP)
  • photoactivatable green fluorescent protein (PAGFP)

Protein Quantification

  • Western Blot
  • Quantitative Autoradiography

Molecular Tracking

  • Quantum Dot Tagging
Large AMPAR N-terminal addition
  • Halotag (Promega): AMPAR-enzyme, QD-Halotag substrate
  • AMPAR-streptavidin, QD-biotin
Small AMPAR N-terminal addition
  • AMPAR-biotin ligase recognition peptide, QD-biotin + biotin ligase (LuTing2013PLOSONE)
  • AMPAR-peptide A, QD-peptide B, which binds peptide A (ZhangKodadek2000NatBiotech)
  • AMPAR-unnatural amino acid azide, QD-propargyl (ChaterjeeSchultz2013PNAS)

Protein Interaction

  • FRET
  • Two Hybrid Screening

Cell Morphology

Controlling Neural Activity

  • Optogenetics
  • Protein Uncaging

Gene Related Assays

  • TET/DOX transcription regulation

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